Fast Plan Printing and Scanning

At CPI London, we are able to photocopy architectural plans, blueprints and other engineering based drawings from your large scale format originals. We can also print them directly from your digital files in colour or black and white. We are also able to scan your plans in colour or black and white and save them as PDF, TIFF or JPEG files.

Our plan printing service offers:


    • Colour or black & white architectural plan printing
    • A4, A3, A2, A1, A0 and customised plan sizes
    • Enlargements & reductions available
    • Printed on 80gsm paper
    • Can be supplied to you either rolled or folded
    • Express ‘While-U-Wait’ printing in store


At CPI London, we have a long history of supplying plan printing and scanning to architects, building and construction firms, independent contractors, plumbers and many more!

Our large format print service is perfect for any architectural, engineering, construction or and other technically based plans and drawings.

We also offer competitive plan printing prices with an express ‘While-U-Wait’ service.

If you require your technical plan to be printed, just bring your plan in to our print shop in Finchley and we will endeavour to print it as soon as possible, often while you wait. Your files can also be sent via email to or uploaded to our website here.

If sending your plan across as a digital file, please ensure it is save as a PDF, TIFF or JPEG file. (We cannot print directly from CAD files).

Black and white plan printing from as little as  £1.10 + VAT for A2!

B&W Print
on 80gsm
Colour Print
on 80gsm
Folding B&W
Colour Scanning
Photo Quality*
A4 £0.10 £1.00 £0.15 £1.00
A3 £0.20 £2.00 £0.35 £2.00
A2 £1.10 £4.20 £0.15 £1.00 £10.00
A1 £2.20 £6.50 £0.20 £2.00 £15.00
A0 £3.85 £10.00 £0.25 £3.50 £20.00

Prices do not include VAT. *Scanning has a £5.00 minimum charge.

Plan Printing