Print Finishing Services

At our CPI London based print shop, we have a huge range of specialist finishing machinery; this ensures that we will never send your project out to be completed by another company, meaning we will save you both time and money with your finished piece.

Nearly every project that is sent to us can have a very fast turnaround, due to out in house printing, with many projects being completed on the same day.
Here are some of the options we offer when adding that finishing touch to your artwork-


Gloss Laminated Business Cards printers in London

Laminating a piece of work not only improves the aesthetics of any design but it also increases the strength and durability of the finished project. Traditional laminations include gloss, matte and soft touch; each adds a distinctive look and feel, which can leave a lasting impression on potential clients.

When chosen carefully, a laminated piece can really give your company a good impression. A simple, thin coating of lamination film can improve the appearance of a once bland leaflet. Laminate finishes can give the card a smooth or sheen finish, which will make it far more durable and long lasting when compared to a standard finish; perfect for items that are handled on a daily basis, like restaurant menus or pricing lists.

Applying lamination to folded leaflets, booklets or brochures also stops the paper stock and the ink from appearing cracked.

We offer three types on lamination finish:

Matt Laminated Leaflets:

Finishing with a matte laminate gives any piece an elegant and sophisticated look.

It produces a more natural, softened look and an exquisite feel, compared to a gloss lamination. A matte finish also lower the depth of darker hues and thus gives a subtle impression.

Gloss Lamination:

Want to give your business cards a high impact? Choose a high gloss finish. Text and images will look sharper and crisper, while the shiny surface will lift the colours and create more contrast.

Soft Touch Lamination:

Brilliant for business cards, this luxurious finish gives the same soft look finish of matte laminations, but has a velvet soft feel, making handling a very enjoyable and tactile experience for your customer or potential clients.

All laminations are available on many of our fast turnaround items.


Our range of strikingGold Foil Business Cards printers in London, metallic foils and desirable shiny white can really make an impressive impact.

This ingenious method of foiling will instantly add a real touch of elegance and class to menus, wedding invitations, books, certificates and greeting cards.
Due to our inhouse foiling technology and lamination is faster and more affordable that traditional methods.

We are able to produce additional foiling on silk, uncoated business cardboard and Trucard paper stocks that are over 250gsm.


Want a folded leaflet? We provide a full range of folding options, including standard 4 page single folds, 6 page concertina and even roll fold to custom and complex 8 page folds.


We also offer creasing.

If you want to print on heavier paper stocks over 250gsm, this will require it to be creased and or scored before being folded, to create and accurate and professional finish. If your heavier paper is not creased, the print will appear cracked, creating a damaged and rough appearance.

After creasing, we will either fold or supply your piece flat if there is no other process required.


Wiro Binding

If you are wishing to print a book or dissertation, we also offer many types of binding and other finishing methods.

If you are unsure which may be best for your project, we will be happy to advise you.
Please visit out binding page for more information on our services.


Though often confused with lamination, encapsulation involves placing a single page document between two pieces of polyester film, that is then sealed on both sides using heat.

The finished piece often has a clear edge of film around the outside of the document.

This is not weather proof but can be used for short term, outdoor signs.
Encapsulation is often used to protect items that are regularly handled, like menus, plans and charts.

At CPI London, we are able to encapsulate any sized piece from A7 to A1 size.

Document Perforating

If you need a document that requires a tear away portion, perforation is the answer.

A thin line of tint holes is punched in to the paper, thus allowing it to be torn away with ease. Perforated sheets are typically used in ticket books, invoice pads or a return information slip on a letter.


Do you run a business that requires multiple forms, invoices and receipts?
Padding is when duplicate, individual sheets are glued together on one side and can be pulled away when required.

We are able to print pads of NCR sets, invoices and delivery notes in sizes from A5 to A3 pads.

Drilling/Hole Punching

If you need a thick document to have holes punched through it, we are able to use our industrial size hole puncher and/or hole driller to create even holes in your printed document.

Along with the traditional 2 and 4 hole puncher, our machines have the flexibility to drill any number of holes in to any position you wish to have them placed.

We can also offer single hole drilling for gift tags.

Hand Finishing

Occasionally, there may be no suitable machinery to carry out more complex tasks, so an item must be hand finished.

In these instances, we may be able to carry out the finishing in house, or may organise additional help if required. We will inform you if we need to send your item away; we have a list of handpicked specialist if we are unable to complete your piece in house and are assure that they take the same pride and attention to detail in their work as we do, to leave you with the perfect finished piece.

On occasion, when there is no suitable machinery to carry out certain tasks, it is required to finish