NCR Pads and NCR Printing

All NCR pads work on a system of using two carbonless paper sheets. This transfer method relies on the pressure being applied to the top sheet to duplicate the image onto the sheet underneath.

NCR sets are ideal for producing forms where an immediate copy is needed, such as invoices, receipts or tickets.

At CPI London, we offer NCR sets consisting of 2,3 or 4 sheets that can either be single sided or double-sided prints; you pick the colours as we’ll do the rest.

Our NCR pads come glue together in pads and or sets, ready for immediate use.
Available in 2, 3 or 4 coloured sheets (White/Yellow/Pink/Blue) sets, our pads can contain optional writing shield if you do wish for your writing to be transferred to the paper underneath.

As with all things related to your company, we can place you company logo or own artwork wherever you wish on the NCR pads or we can design a form specifically for your company, with your own designed logo and branding- you don’t get much more professional than that!

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